Racket Sport Services provide a restringing service for sports shops in the area and would welcome the opportunity to be compared with your regular stringer. I am able to offer a fast reliable service, with most rackets being restrung within 24 hours.


Full racket customisation undertaken using ERECA computerised weight and balance equipment, and ERT 300, grip replacement and enlargement, grommet strips & individual grommets replaced and racket weight, swing weight and balance matching.

Racket Sport Services is also an authorised installer of Hesacore racket grips. Please contact me for more details on this exciting product. 

Free loan racket during service and advice given on strings and rackets.

Strings Stocked and Prices

Please see prices below for details of strings stocked and prices which I hope you will find competitive. For stringing with your own strings my labour rate is £13.00 per racket.

Should you have specific requirements not listed, please contact me, as most strings can be obtained within 24 hours.

I am happy to receive rackets either in person or by post, please send with adequate protection, as I cannot be responsible for breakages before the racket is received.

I look to offer the best service possible service for my clients and although it is impossible to guarantee any racket frame against breakage, I do guarantee my restring’s for four weeks from the date that the racket has been returned to you.

There are certain exclusions to this guarantee, however. Namely:-

Any racket that has been restrung, at the owners request, outside the tension range recommended by the manufacturer of that particular racket cannot be guaranteed. This will be advised to the owner prior to the restring taking place. Prior to any racket being restrung, it will be checked for breakage/cracks and grommet damage. If a racket is cracked then it can still be restrung, if the owner desires, but there will be no guarantee, indeed the racket will be restrung at the owners’ risk.

Currently stocked Strings include:-


A wide choice of string from Ashaway, KirschBaum, Babolat, Tecnifibre, Toalson, Wilson, Prince, Head, at a price ranging from £14 – £23

Special prices for restrings with any YTEX, ACELON or Still in Black strings contact Racket Sport Services for further details.


Yonex BG68ti (white), Yonex BG 65ti (blue & Yellow), Yonex Nanogy 95 (gold), Yonex BG80 (yellow),Gosen Kingfisher (blue), Ashaway Powergut 65 (green & orange). Ashaway ZYmax 67 (yellow, Red, white), Ashaway Microlegend XL, at prices ranging from £13 to £16.


Full range of Ashaway Racket ball strings, including, Ultrakill, Powerkill and Superkill, at a price ranging from £14 to £21.


Full range from Ashaway and Tecnifibre, plus a wide selection from most “big name” brands, Dunlop, Head, Toalson, Wilson, RAB and Prince, at prices ranging from £12 to £21.